Ian Aspinall -Owner & manager

Ian Aspinall -Owner & manager


La Fortuna Suites is owned and operated by the Aspinall Henry family, Costa Rican-Canadians with additional ties to California.

Our history in Arenal began when my great-grandfather came to the area in the 1970’s, to initiate the construction of the Arenal dam.

In the late 1980’s my father, John Aspinall, one of the pioneers in tourism in Costa Rica, began promoting this area and bringing tourists to experience the wonders of the active volcano, as well as the amazing beauty that abounds here.

Having recently returned to my home country, I am excited to be at La Fortuna Suites, where I can share with others my passion for nature, adventure, and the great beauty of the central valley.

Come visit any time of year, and you'll fall in love with Costa Rica too!

Ian Aspinall Henry
Manager, La Fortuna Suites

Amanda Hippert - Manager Assistant, Social media, graphic designer & website builder

Amanda Hippert - Manager Assistant, Social media, graphic designer & website builder

Amanda is Ian's partner who kindly decided to join our team at La Fortuna Suites, attending our guests and making our online outreach be more successful and up to date. She assists Ian in any of the tasks needed, and when he is away she makes sure to host you in the best way possible as well, keeping the La Fortuna Suites standards up.

Amanda is also our social media and design guru. She makes sure your bookings and communication with us be as smooth as possible, and keeps us tuned up on facebook and instagram. Nonetheless she is also a secret cook, you might get lucky to try her home-made hot sauce.. home-made jam.. and who knows what she will be making on that day..

Oh! don't forget to try her yoga classes! if you are experienced or new to yoga, you will be glad you did!