Is Water safe to drink?

At La Fortuna Suites tap water is SAFE to drink. In general most of the water served in restaurants in La Fortuna is safe to drink as well, just be careful of any street food that contains ice.

Closest ATM and local currency.

La Fortuna Town caters to a large population of tourists, any of the stores or restaurants will accept USD dollars and Costa Rican currency (colones). The exchange rate will vary depending on each location's policy.

The closest ATM is about 2 blocks away, there are several Banks around town. Right in front of the park there is the "Banco Nacional" where you can exchange money, and take out money as well. Also in each room we provide a map of the area with highlights of the town.

La Fortuna's safety


Places to Eat

La Fortuna town is a very safe place. People are very helpful, laid back and very friendly.
 It is also safe to walk at night around town. Further away from la Fortuna we recommend to take a taxi to any other location, the distances to the hot springs are quite far and there is no proper sidewalks.


Our location is about 2-3 blocks away from a great variety of restaurants. Some of the restaurants we recommend are: Kazan, Soda Viquez, Chocolate Fusion, Organico Fortuna, Lava Lounge, La Familia Feliz, La Hormiga.